Programmer & Game Designer

About me

Low level Generalist Programmer and Game Designer. I design games, program them, make tools and everything else I might need. For more information you can check my linkedin.

If you wish to get in contact with me for any reason feel free to send me an email.

Currently working on a new update to Small Planets, and many other projects! Test the old version and send me feedback Here!


(Alpha) Small Planets

Puzzle game, learn the rules by experimenting, use them to solve the game.

Built-in level editor with my own implementation of immediate mode gui. A newer version is being used here.

Made with Menrva.

Art by Katalin Preszl and Wenquin Pei.

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WIP -- Sailing Game

(Working name)

Second order backwards euler integrator with matrix as drag coefficient to simulate keel behaviour.

Randomly generated wind and current fields.

Made with Menrva.

Rosey (Personal accounting)

Main features:

  • Double-entry accounting.
  • Ledger view.
  • Journal view.
  • Account view.
  • Nested accounts.
  • Multiple currencies.
  • Currency conversion.
  • Filter by date.

Made with dear-imgui, DX11.

Menrva V2.x.x

Asset reloading and hot-code reloading.

Built-in tracing profiler.

Minimal interface between engine and application.

Extremely lightweight but with big utility library for games and apps.

Shipped with A Game With Small Planets.

Used in Sailing Game, Level Editor, Endless Runner, Rogue Clone, Game AI Project, Sheep and Wolves, Snake Clone, and others.

Endless Runner

A more literal approach on the endless runner theme.


  • 2D Physics.
  • Replays.
  • Looping/Scrolling textures.
  • An air vent.
  • A level editor.
  • Tomatoes.

Made with Menrva.

Level Editor

for a Tower Defense/Roguelike game

First person camera and static camera. 3D raycasting against bounding boxes and immediate-mode GUI with windows, buttons, text edit, float/int edit as sliders and text, combo boxes, checkboxes and others.

In-game console.

I also worked on gameplay code and was part of the game design team.

Made with Menrva.

Snake Clone

Minimal clone of snake, with main menu, options and a scorebord.

Immediate mode UI for menus and animated UI elements.

Comes with built-in debug view! (F2)

Made with Menrva.


Frau Holle

Knytt Stories Level

Designed a level to tell the fairytale "Frau Holle" for Knytt Stories, with the help of Petrea Kaðlín Sigmundsdóttir.

The challenge was to tell the story without writing _any_ gameplay code except for what was already in Knytt by default.

You can download it here, you need to download Knytt Stories first and then install the level (you can do it directly inside Knytt).




Multiplayer game framework


  • Custom connection protocol over UDP.
  • Reliable and unreliable messages through UDP.
  • Client Server architecture.
  • Master/Lobby server.
  • Entity interpolation.
  • Input prediction.
  • Error recovery, rewind world state and replay old input.
  • Throttleable upload bandwidth.
  • LAN server discovery.

Shadows and Frustum Culling


  • Terrain frustom culling.
  • Movable objects culling.
  • Directional and Point lights.
  • 3D FPS camera.
  • Directional light shadows.

Game AI Project


  • Behavior tree implementation.
  • Behavior tree debugging tool.
  • Minimal gameplay.

Sheep and Wolves


  • Utility AI.
  • Move with WASD.
  • Click to see entity state.
  • Enjoy.